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Renforth Resources Inc. Identifies an Initial 11 Rare Element Enriched Anomalies at Surimeau

31.05.2023  |  The Newswire
J J Minerals Inc. has identified 11 peraluminous rare

Renforth Resources Inc. (CSE:RFR) (OTC:RFHRF) (FSE:9RR) ("Renforth" or the "Company") would like to update shareholders on the Company's rare element exploration program at Surimeau.

Renforth commissioned J J Minerals Inc. of Sudbury, ON to author "Report on the Interpretation of Lithium Assays on Surimeau Property, Malartic, Quebec, Canada" in order to aid Renforth in planning the summer 2023 prospecting season for lithium at our wholly owned, and underexplored, ~330 sq. km. Surimeau property.

Renforth conducted grab sampling and mapping on the Surimeau Property May to July 2022. A total of 229 samples were described and sent for assay. This mapping and sampling program focused on the southern part of the Surimeau property along the metasedimentary and Decelles Reservoir Batholith contact. Eleven Anomalies (A to K) were identified based on elevated Li, Rb, Cs, Be, Nb, Ta and Sn contents within the assayed samples (Figure 1). In addition, a review of MERN's outcrop mapping was undertaken, focused on the northern metasedimentary-Decelles Reservoir Batholith contact area from Vision's Cadillac spodumene pegmatites, along the contact to the southeast edge of the Surimeau property.

Of the eleven rare-element anomalies identified by J J Minerals, Anomaly clusters A and D have the most potential to host lithium mineralization and are recommended for stripping.

  • Anomaly Cluster A has a 150 m strike length trending northwest-southeast with increasing Li, Be, Nb and Ta contents increasing from the NW to SE based on 11 assayed grab samples collected by Renforth. The pegmatitic granite samples are enriched in rare-elements and contain coarse-grained muscovite and tourmaline clots which are indicator minerals for lithium pegmatites. Anomaly A is located within metasedimentary rocks about 0.5 km north of the contact with the Decelles Reservoir Batholith. The NW-SE trend of Anomaly A is the same orientation as Vision Lithium's Cadillac spodumene dykes.

  • Anomaly Cluster D has a 440 m strike length trending east-west. The pegmatitic granites enriched in Rb, Be, Nb and Ta consistently contain coarse-grained muscovite based on 8 assayed grab samples collected by Renforth. The rare-element enrichment and the presence of coarse-grained muscovite are indicators for lithium pegmatites. Cluster D plots within the Decelles Reservoir Batholith which is the same setting as Vision Lithium's Cadillac spodumene pegmatites.

Based on a review of Renforth and MERN sampling data sets, J J Minerals identified three exploration targets on the property:

  1. Within 1 km of the contact between the metasedimentary rocks and the Decelles Reservoir Batholith on both sides of the contact.

  2. The biotite granite bodies north of the metasedimentary-Decelles Reservoir Batholith contact.

  3. Anomalies E and J occur in the metasedimentary rocks and granitic batholith rocks, respectively, both are near diabase dykes. The diabase dykes are regional deep-seated structures that could act as pegmatitic fluid pathways. The orientation of the Cadillac spodumene pegmatite dykes are NW-SE which is the same orientation as the regional diabase dykes.

Follow up recommendations include stripping two of the Anomaly Clusters A and D and exploring unexplored target areas on the property.

"This report, authored by rare element pegmatite experts, demonstrates that there is lithium potential at Surimeau, which we will explore. Lithium is another facet to Surimeau, adding to our ~29km of magnetic structures bearing nickel polymetallic mineralization and our copper discovery in the north of the ~330 sq. km property. We look forward to learning more about lithium on our property with our work this summer" states Nicole Brewster, President and CEO of Renforth.

The prospective metasedimentary/batholith contact, which forms the bottom portion of the Surimeau property, is approximately 24km in length, with limited exploration historically and by Renforth using logging road access over approximately 16km of the strike length, the balance is unexplored (Figure 2). A review of satellite imagery for the unexplored areas provides targets for pegmatite prospecting.

Renforth will have a field crew deployed in early June to commence prospecting and mapping both the 11 identified anomalies and the unexplored target area pegmatites.

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Figure 1 Rare-element anomaly for Surimeau Property.

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Figure 2 Descelles Batholith boundary and Renforth sample locations.

Technical disclosure in this press release has been reviewed and approved by Francis R. Newton PGeo, OGQ a "qualified person" pursuant to NI 43-101.

For further information please contact:

Renforth Resources Inc.

Nicole Brewster

President and Chief Executive Officer


E: nicole@renforthresources.com

#Unit 1B - 955 Brock Road, Pickering ON L1W 2X9

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About Renforth

Renforth is a secure multi-commodity area play with the dominant brownfield land position south of the world class Cadillac-Larder Lake Fault ("CLLF") in the prolific Cadillac and Malartic mining camps of Quebec's Abitibi. Offering exposure to gold, zinc, nickel, copper, cobalt and more, including lithium Renforth's land position encompasses several areas of interest. In the more than 300 square kilometres Renforth holds, there are both resources and mineralized ground undergoing exploration to extend zones and define the amount of metal in structures.

Renforth's position is unique in that the ground is road accessible, has hydro power in place and is in an established and secure mining jurisdiction which regularly ranks as Top 10 (as determined by the Fraser Institute) in the world.

The CLLF, which extends from west of Kirkland Lake in Ontario to east of Val d'Or in Quebec is a regional first order fault which hosts numerous mines along its extent, including one of Canada's most lucrative gold mines, the know historic O'Brien Mine which formed the Cadillac Mining Camp, and Renforth's Parbec gold deposit near Malartic. Now, immediately north of Renforth's landholdings is one of the few instances of the CLLF being mined on its north side with North America's deepest single stage shaft, the Penna shaft, at Agnico Eagle's LaRonde Mine. Renforth holds the dominant land position in the Cadillac Camp south of the fault, and a good portion of the land position in the Malartic camp as well, contiguous to one of the few mines operating on the south side of the Cadillac Break, the Canadian Malartic Mine. Renforth's landholdings in the area host gold and silver as well as a host of future facing, or battery, metals such as nickel, copper, zinc, cobalt and lithium.

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