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Austsino Resources Group Ltd.
Dezember 2020

Das Bergbauunternehmen ist seit Dezember 2020 nicht mehr an einer Börse gelistet. Das Delisting von Austsino Resources Group Ltd. fand aufgrund eines Konkurses statt.

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  • Padbury Mining is pleased to announce that it has secured the funding necessary to construct a $6 billion deep water port and associated rail network at Oakajee. This is a major break through for the company and the region. The funding is to be provided by private Australian equity investors and is contained within an executed Shareholders Agreement between the parties.HIGHLIGHTS- 100% equity funding secured to [...]
  • Padbury Mining is continuing its negotiations with potential investors and engineering, procurement and construction companies interested in the development of the deep water port at Oakajee and its associated rail network. It has commenced the process of identifying its owner's team members and has had in depth discussions with a number of key engineering consultants to move towards completing its concept for [...]
  • Padbury Mining has signed numerous non disclosure agreements that enable interested parties to drill further into the data which was acquired from Yilgarn and subsequently updated by Padbury. A number of international consultants have completed their assessment of the data and discussions continue.Padbury has been actively pursuing the construction of a deep water port and associated rail network at Oakajee. Ongoing [...]
  • During the period Padbury Mining has focused on the port at Oakajee and associated rail network and a considerable number of Non Disclosure Agreements have been signed with companies interested in taking a closer look at Padbury's Intellectual Property (IP) and to get a better understanding of its vision moving forward.In that context the Company has continued to develop relationships with a number of key [...]
  • Padbury Mining is pleased to announce that Mott MacDonald has completed its review of Midwest Infrastructure's deep water port and associated rail network solution for Oakajee. The review has been used as a key input into its business plan for the development of Oakajee and for its ongoing discussions with potential EPC contractors and engineering consultants, domestically and internationally.Padbury's [...]

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