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Advanced Explorations Inc.
Februar 2016

Das Bergbauunternehmen ist seit Februar 2016 nicht mehr an einer Börse gelistet. Das Delisting von Advanced Explorations Inc. fand aufgrund eines Konkurses statt.

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  • Advanced Explorations announced today that it has filed Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal under the provisions of Part III of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (Canada). Pursuant to the Notice of Intention, Macpherson & Associates has been appointed as the trustee in the Company's proposal proceedings and will assist the Company in its restructuring efforts. The decision to file the Notice of Intention was made [...]
  • Advanced Explorations today announced that a temporary cease trade order preventing trading in the Corporation's shares has been issued by the Ontario Securities Commission due to the Company failing to file its annual audited financial statements for the period ended December 31, 2014, and its management's discussion and analysis relating thereto (collectively, the "Audited Financials") before the prescribed [...]
  • Advanced Explorations today announced that it has completed the shares for debt transaction announced on February 24, 2015 after receiving approval from the TSX Venture Exchange. Pursuant to the shares for debt transaction, the Company has issued 8,324,630 common shares at a deemed price of $0.05 per Share in full settlement of debt in the amount of $416,231.52. The foregoing shares are subject to a statutory [...]
  • Advanced Explorations is pleased to announce that further to its press release of January 16, 2015, the Company has entered into an additional settlement agreement with an arm's length creditor of the Company. Pursuant to the Settlement Agreement, AEI would issue 8,324,630 common shares of the Company at a deemed price of $0.05 per common share in settlement of $416,231.00 owing to the said creditor. All securities [...]
  • Advanced Explorations today announced that Lou Nagy has advised the Company that he will be resigning from his position as Chief Financial Officer effective immediately in order to pursue other opportunities. In his place, Carina Da Mota, the Company's Controller and Director of Finance, has assumed the role of acting Chief Financial Officer for the Company. Ms. Da Mota is the Company's current Director of Finance [...]

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